Who we are
The LOULAK-DHDP Port Harcourt Co-operative Investment and Credit Society Limited is a co-operative society registered with the Rivers State Government under the Ministry of Commerce.

What we do

We provide savings and loan services to members.  We also improve our members’ welfare through other services such as commodity sales, car scheme, house-hold equipment acquisition etc.  at very low interest rates.


LOULAK-DHDP COOP seeks to conduct its business profitably while helping members to grow their business and improve their living standards. These we do through provision of loan facilities, household and car schemes, saving schemes amongst others.


To become the top leading cooperative society that elevates the living standard of her members by adding values to their business and financial interests with integrity and optimized professionalism.

Loulak Coop will encourage regular savings amongst members helping them to cultivate the habit of making regular savings. Provide members low interest loans to grow their business; Create pool funds (fixed deposits) from and for members and engage in other approved economic and social activities.

How long has this organization been in existence?

Over a year

Who are the promoters/management team

Consists of a team with over 100 years combined experience in administration, finance, oil and gas, agriculture and education sectors. Their profiles are available in a separate volume.

How can I become a member?

Complete the application form for consideration

 How do I make deposit?

You can either give us a cheque or pay into any of our bank accounts. Provide evidence of payment (bank teller, etc.) for a formal receipt from Loulak Coop.

Is there a timeline for making deposits?

No timeline.  Deposits can be made at any time of the month.

What qualifies a member for loan?

Active membership

What is the interest rate on savings?

Members in AGM decide the dividends to be paid for each year

What is the interest rate on loan?

Varies but much lower than market rate at each time.

How do you manage and invest members’ contributions.

Loans are provided to members; Good interest yielding
investments with low risks are made with excess fund.

Can you sponsor a business or an LPO?


Can a member use his/her deposit to offset his/her loan?