The members shall consist of;

  • Persons who join in the application for registration.

  • Person admitted in accordance with the policies.


  1. Membership is for staff of LOULAK Oil and Gas limited and DHDP Ventures limited, Business owners, traders, Agric businesses, oil and gas businesses, co-operate workers (salary earners) etc.

  2. Of good character.

  3. Not less than 16 years of age except in the case of minor heir of a deceased member.

  4. Not a member of any other society, the primary object of which is to grant loan to its members except with the permission of the general Meeting.

  5. Not engaged in the business of money lending.


  1. Application for membership shall be in writing and shall be approved by the management committee.

  2. An approved applicant shall become a member of the society as soon as she/he has paid N5000 registration fee(non-refundable)

  3. Every member shall sign or thumb print his/her name in the membership register form.