Health Safety Environment And Security Policy

The Company is committed to complying with all applicable Federal, State and Local Government Laws, Regulations and Industry Standards on Safety, Health, Environment and Security issues and will insist that all its contractors be similarly bound. Our commitment to safety, environment, and health and security performance is an integral part of our business.The safety and health of our personnel, the protection of our operating environment, and the safe operation of our facilities are of paramount importance. The company is therefore committed to conduct its operations in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner. Its employees and contractors share responsibility in these matters and know that it is only when they work in a proper and hence safe manner, wear the appropriate protective equipment, and encourage fellow workers to work safely can a safe state for our environment be achieved. Loulak is committed to the following:
No fatalities

No accidents and environmental incidents

Being prepared to respond to emergencies

Regularly conduct health, security, safety and environmental audits
The company recognizes that host communities as very important partners whose active support is indispensable to its business success. Thus, the emphasis in its relationship with them rests on:
• Building and maintaining a close and continuing association based on mutual respect, trust and cooperation between the company and the host communities;

• Optimizing efforts toward the socio-economic growth and manpower development of the host communities;

• Supporting projects which help the host communities to sustain and improve their economic and social development in the areas of Education, Health, Infrastructure and Employment;

• Avoiding community disturbances: this can be achieved by discouraging restiveness, through continuous liaison with various Company leaders in order to determine the best ways to engage in ventures that are mutually beneficial.

• Respecting the culture and traditions of the Host Communities;
The HSSE unit of the company will provide all necessary support to achieve these objectives and, in addition, will monitor the company's CASHES performance and will report, in accordance with accepted internationally approved standards, as the special circumstances and needs of the Niger Delta area.Everyone at Loulak, at every level, employee and contractor, is responsible for safety, health and environmental performance, must pursue this policy and deliver the desired results by providing a safe working environment. In addition, we shall be held accountable for our HSSE performance and our scorecard will include appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for HSSE.