Our Project Experiences

Loulak is exploring opportunities to acquire marginal fields and equity shares in selected oil mining leases. Negotiations are ongoing. Loulak has also offered several consultancy services to various companies including the following';
i)Walter Smith Petroman Oil Limited: Development review of Ukpuchi field

ii)NOGNOL oil and gas Limited: Evaluation and review of Opobo south Field

iii)Green Energy Ltd; Environmental Assessment over Ubima field.

iv) BICS Petroleum Ltd; Assessment of Gbetiokun, Bime and Ugbo fields.

v) Okabe Oil and Gas Ltd; Assessment of Emuoha field.
Loulak possesses a unique in-depth understanding of hydrocarbon distribution, exploration and production in West Africa and particularly in Nigeria, given its extensive experience and proven track record of its directors and advisers, most of who also have international exposure in the upstream oil and power sectors. Thus Loulak is very capable and well positioned to indentify viable E&P assets for acquisition.
The Company is led by a management team with over 10 years combined experience in the Oil industry. The Company is committed to deploying the requisite Safety, Technical, Financial and Managerial expertise consistent with industry best practice, in order to achieve accelerated recovery of hydrocarbon from abandoned fields. Loulak is also committed to offering the best professional and technical advice to her clients and partners